full-size silver pendant

full-size silver pendant

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Enlist your Kid Jeweler to create something stunningly personal for yourself, a loved one or both! Our sterling silver pendants can be finished to a bright polish or an oxidized (darkened) patina. These substantial sterling pendants will surely get noticed and will keep your Kid Jeweler close!

Your design will also be high-resolution 3D scanned and archived by us so that it can be gifted in the metal and size of your choice infinitely.

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Kid Jeweler projects shown here are for reference only.


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What's included
On receipt of your order, we will send you a kit for your Kid Jeweler to use to form their unique piece. The kit includes modeling wax, complete directions and a pre-paid mailer to return the finished masterwork safely back to us. All finishing, three-way shipping and gift wrapping are included. In addition, we will archive your Kid Jeweler’s design using state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology so your creation can be re-ordered in different sizes and metals.

Additional options
Other services such as engraving or adding stones are available for an additional fee. Email us to discuss your dream customization.

What's in the kit
• A precisely weighed slab of soft modeling wax. Its measure is calibrated to create a wearable pendant when cast and finished in 14k gold.
• A 2nd practice wax
• Full instructions and inspiration cards
• Our signature Kid Jeweler packaging
• A pre-paid shipping envelope to safely return your completed masterwork to us

Full-size silver pendant details
• Bright polished Silver Pendants are hung on an adjustable Sterling Silver bead chain in your choice of diamond-cut or polished finish. Both chains are available in two adjustable lengths: 18–22 inches or 26–30 inches secured with a lobster claw clasp.

• Oxidized-finish pendants are hung on an adjustable sterling silver diamond-cut bead chain necklace in two adjustable lengths: 18–22 inches or 26–30 inches secured with a lobster claw clasp. The chain is patinated to coordinate with the darkened silver of the pendant. The exact finish is determined by the relief of your Kid Jeweler’s design. The more detail on the pendant, the lighter the oxidization. Please refer to our product images for examples of this variation.

• The average turnaround time from the time we receive your finished shaped wax is six weeks.

• The wax in your kit is measured to create a wearable finished pendant. The exact finished weight of a pendant may vary pending the amount of polishing and refinement the design requires. For further details on this, please see the FAQs. Please do not combine the two waxes or the finished pendant may be too heavy for regular wear and additional charges may apply.

• All Kid Jeweler projects are priced according to weight not size. How large or small a Kid Jeweler’s creation appears is determined by their design: flatter designs will appear larger than three-dimensional designs.

• The finished pieces photographed here reference other Kid Jewelers’ creations made with the same kit. Your results will, of course, wonderfully vary.

+ FAQ-lite

I'm not a kid. Can I order a kit?
Absolutely. We don't check ID's! We welcome all Kid Jewelers, big and small. Have fun!

What is the difference between the gold and silver pendant kits?
14k gold is significantly heavier and more expensive than silver. We translate that difference to the size of the wax piece you receive. The wax in the gold kit is smaller than the wax in the silver kit to make the pendant a wearable weight and more reasonable price. The larger wax in the silver kit makes for a bigger, bolder Kid Jeweler pendant which we are able to offer because silver is both lighter and significantly cheaper.

I made something with the extra wax. Can I have it finished?
Of course! Drop us an email and we will set up the 2nd wax as an additional order at a 15% discount. Place the finished pieces in separate baggies inside the Kid Jeweler tin so they don't touch each other and mail them both back to us in the provided pre-paid mailer.

Is the wax safe? Will it stain?
Our wax is 100% non-toxic but don’t eat it or put it in your mouth, nose, ears or eyes. A responsible adult should supervise all Kid Jeweler activities and never leave children unattended with small objects. The wax-- like any wax-- can stain textiles and porous surfaces so prior to starting your project, prepare and protect your work area by putting down wax paper or cling wrap and wear appropriate craft-project clothing.

Can I help my Kid Jeweler?
Absolutely! You can shape the blank, art direct, help with ideas—whatever is appropriate for the age, artistic ability and attention span of your kid. Or be a Kid Jeweler yourself, if you like!

If your Kid Jeweler isn't up to making their piece, you can make a starter shape for them to sculpt, texturize, write on, press fingerprints into or otherwise help do the work that their hands cannot. Some of the most exciting and moving pieces we've finished are the simplest artistically. They all are so special in that they capture the fleeting moment of the Kid Jeweler's ability at that age.

How much time will the Kid Jeweler part take?
From experience, most older (tween and up) Kid Jewelers start and finish their project within an hour. Younger Kid Jewelers work significantly faster–maybe 20-30 minutes.

What do YOU do with the wax?
We will carefully study your wax and any notes forwarded to us to make the most of your design and honor it while still retaining all the beloved marks of your Kid Jeweler’s hand.

Our intention is always to follow the lead of your Kid Jeweler. The more finely detailed a creation is, the more we will follow that design and clarify it. For example, we will refine any flat details to reflect the Kid Jeweler’s intention and make sure that any engraved marks are deep enough to make an impression in the finished, polished casting. On the more free-form and expressive pieces, we will use restraint handling your wax so that that original artistry is left unchanged. On all waxes, we will figure out the piece’s attachment to the chain or key ring (as selected).

We never seek to make any piece look conventional or store-bought but should that be what you want, you can email us or let us know that on your care-card. For a fee, any design can be ‘standardized’ and wiped of marks of the handmade if that is your preferred style.

How do I make more copies of my finished piece?
Easy peasy! You can have it all! We create a 3d scan of every Kid Jeweler jewelry design (not objects). This opens up lots of possibilities. We can make additional copies in any cast-able size and any metal. A bold pendant can become a teeny charm or earrings or whatever you can envision. Email us with your idea.

Who holds the copyright to my Kid Jeweler design?
Your Kid Jeweler does. We don’t acquire the rights to your design and we will never recreate or copy your piece. Full details this can be found on our Store Policies page.

See complete FAQs here.

need another?

Plan ahead and pair your full-size pendant order with our beloved Mini pendant. Available in 14k yellow gold and sterling silver, Kid Jeweler Minis are a scaled miniature of your full-size pendant. Minis are the ultimate treat for yourself and make a cherished gift to loved ones. Also available is our Mini Junior which is our sterling silver mini hung on a simple 16” cable chain, perfect for your proud Kid Jeweler.

Nicole Landaw / Kid Jeweler
Nicole Landaw / Kid Jeweler
Nicole Landaw / Kid Jeweler
mini clone pendant
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Our Mini pendants are the same as the full-size original Kid Jeweler creation just at a significantly reduced scale. Minis are scaled by weight not size so the finished dimensions of any Mini will be determined by the original Kid Jeweler design: flatter designs will appear larger than more three-dimensional creations. For Minis, we may modify the connection (the ‘bale’) between the Mini pendant and its chain for functionality and appearance.

Mini Gold pendants are finished with a luxurious ultra-fine 14k yellow gold diamond-cut 18 inch bead chain secured with a lobster claw clasp.

Mini Silver pendants are finished with a fine 1.0mm Sterling silver polished 18 inch bead chain secured with a lobster claw clasp.

Mini Juniors are the same as Mini Silvers but are finished on a lightweight kid-sized 16 inch cable chain secured with a spring ring clasp.