Nicole Landaw / Kid Jeweler

Founder Nicole Landaw drawn by Kid Jeweler Isla (age 6)

— Shrdlu

+ About Kid Jeweler

Our kids are growing so fast that they seem to change from one blink to the next. Kid Jeweler lets you hold onto their spirit and creativity in an elevated, beautiful and wearable way. Designed by hand by the kids in your life and finished by celebrated jewelry designer and goldsmith Nicole Landaw, Kid Jeweler is where creative play meets serious craftsmanship. And the results are nothing short of amazing and heart-warming.

At Kid Jeweler, we know that luxury is more than precious materials. It’s about experience, connection and unique design. We aim to redefine luxury fine jewelry by enabling you to choose the designer of the jewelry you gift and wear. Not only is custom-designed jewelry made by the ones you love now possible— you can also extend this gift infinitely to those in your circle and tailor each piece to its recipient. Kid Jeweler combines your kid’s creativity, experienced jewelers’ hands and cutting-edge technology to deliver the most meaningful fine jewelry imaginable.

Awaken the designer in your Kid Jeweler today and elevate their play to a new level of fine.

P.S. We don’t check ID’s here. There’s no age limit on who can be a Kid Jeweler.

+ About Nicole

Nicole Landaw is a fine jewelry designer and goldsmith with over 25 years’ experience. Rigorously trained in Germany after earning her Masters in Fine Arts in Metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art, she is a rare combination of creative visionary and masterful artisan. Her eponymous jewelry collection has won numerous awards for its inventive and seductive allure.

A frequent collaborator with fashion designers, stylists and directors, Nicole’s designs are regularly featured in film, print and on television. Her collection can be found online at www.nicolelandaw.com and is sold at noted fine jewelry retailers August and Twist, among others.

Nicole is also an accomplished, prominent jewelry industry professional. The largest jewelry retailers in the US have turned to Nicole for creative direction for over two decades. Her private-label jewelry designs can be found at every mall across the United States.

+ My Mission

Jewelry is so much more than pretty adornment: it is vessel for meaning and emotion. Our most treasured connections are bound in the jewelry we wear, exchange and treasure. But regardless of how cherished a piece is, most often the maker behind it is unknown and its individual history is removed from the personal meaning it takes on. How incredible would it be to be able to make fine jewelry yourself and infuse it with your intention and care with your own hands? That’s never been possible but with Kid Jeweler (and Big Kid Jeweler, coming soon!), now it is.

My career as a professional jewelry designer and goldsmith has trained me to know inside-out and backwards how to make jewelry on both a small and exceptionally large production scale. While I am passionate about my designs and craft, I am excited to open to everyone— particularly children— the possibility of designing jewelry themselves and extending the concept of custom fine jewelry in ways never before possible or imagined. And, if along the way a new generation of jewelery designers and jewelry enthusiasts is inspired, all the better.

The transformation of a design figured in wax into precious metal is nothing short of amazing. I am as in awe of this ancient process today as I was when I first started making jewelry. The experience of this tangible magic is now yours to experience. Wildly cool, one-of-a-kind designs made by your most beloved (or yourself!) can be cast into precious metal and professionally-finished to be the most meaningful fine jewelry imaginable. And using the most powerful tech available today, that design can be reproduced and scaled to your heart’s content to satisfy all your gifting needs.

The Kid Jeweler adventure is only just beginning. If you decide to enable your child to become a Kid Jeweler or become a Big Kid Jeweler yourself, I hope that you will share with us pictures of your process and loved ones receiving and wearing their finished piece so that we can grow and extend this incredible possibility to others.