store policies

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From the date you order your kit, you have twenty-one calendar days to cancel or change your order and after that passes, your kit is good for 90 days from the date of purchase. Please find further details on our policies below. Kindly include your order number with all inquiries.

our philosophy

In finishing each piece, we do our very best to follow and affirm the details of your Kid Jeweler creation as it is received by us and respect any supplemental notes written on the care card provided with each kit. Unless you specifically inform us otherwise, we will carefully clean and polish design elements that are expressive and free-formed, leaving all the wonderful marks of your Kid Jeweler’s hands in place, and we will refine any details that have been deliberately worked by the Kid Jeweler. Where these two ways of working meet, we will use our best, professional, experienced judgment.

Our priority is to retain the handmade quality of your Kid Jeweler creation. However, if you are interested in having the handmade aspect of your Kid Jeweler’s design removed so that the finished piece looks more like a mass-produced or store-bought piece, we would be happy to provide that service for an additional fee.

exchanges and cancellations

If within the first twenty-one days of your order, you should you decide that you would like to exchange your kit (e.g. change your order from gold to silver, or change the size of your project from a large pendant to a Mini pendant), please email us with your order number and the detail of your wish. We’ll respond promptly with the next steps. 

Within 10 days of receiving your kit, you can cancel your kit subject to a 15% restocking charge. Expedited shipping and rush charges are non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your purchase, please email us with the reason for your cancellation and we will reply within 2–3 business days with details on your refund. After we process your refund and you should receive a credit back to your original payment card within 5–10 business days. Kit cancellations requests after 10 calendar days will not be accepted.

Please follow our shipping and wax care instructions carefully. If your Kid Jeweler creation is received back in a condition that it cannot be cast and finished because of improper handling or use of the material, we reserve the right to resend you a new wax to work or to cancel your kit minus our restocking fee based on our discretion.

product returns

Returns for credit or exchange are not accepted on any finished pieces.

Once your Kid Jeweler piece is finished, it is not possible to return it to its original state either as a wax or an unfinished casting. However, it is always possible to substantially rework or redo any piece to make changes if you have something else in mind. Should you want to modify or redo a completed Kid Jeweler piece, please refer to Making Changes to Your Kid Jeweler Piece below. 


Kid Jeweler will honor your kit and its pricing for 90 days from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, because of the fluctuating and often volatile nature of prices of precious metals, we reserve the right to not honor kits that have are returned to us for finishing after 90 days. If more than 90 days have passed since your purchase, you may incur a price-adjustment fee when you return your kit to us.


Should your Kid Jewelry need repair, please reach out (with images please). We’ll respond promptly with the next steps.

making changes to your kid jeweler piece

The possibilities of what you can do with you Kid Jeweler design are many. You can always change a detail, add an engraving, stones, copy (and reduce or enlarge) it, turn one thing into something else, you name it. Depending on what you have in mind, that may be able to happen to your existing piece or it may need to be redone. The costs of changes will vary depending on what you have in mind.

If you want to explore what’s possible or have a different project you’d like to see come to life, please email us with details and your order number (if you have it). We will arrange for the return of your piece to our studio after we discuss the scope of your project, the possibilities and anticipated costs.

3D scans

Kid Jeweler will retain the 3D scan data from any purchase that includes a scan for a minimum of five years from the date of your purchase. Contact us if you wish to copy, reduce, enlarge or make changes to your piece. Kid Jeweler will not use your file to reproduce your piece under any circumstance except by your request or written permission. Scanned data is not transferable to either you or a third party.